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chef lucian

A small, passionate and powerful team.

Lucian Aldritch is the root behind Fusion Cuisine Catering.
Chef Lucian creates unique flavor combinations and passionately committed with food. Lucian is constantly searching for pure ingredients, flavorful seasonings and inspiring trends. Nothing makes him happier than working with his team to translate these treasures into delicious and distinctive foods for every event and occasion.
His penchant for cooking began at a young age and his dedication and natural talent behind the stove has fueled his desire to constantly dream up new recipes and create his own whimsical food culture.
Lucian’s unique relationship with food allows him to turn basic and pure into complex and colorful.


Fusion Cuisine Catering has evolved with an on-trend, current and relevant new image and re-brand to reflect the 10+ years we have been catering countless events spanning the entire spectrum of the catering realm. Weddings, birthdays, corporate, private parties and a myriad of other celebrations have been meticulously and brilliantly supplied. Fusion Cuisine Catering provides an honest, down-to-earth liaison with our clients who, with the trust we have earned for quality and reliability, remain loyal and keep using our services. Our team will work with you to create a perfect event; assisting along the way and suggesting ways to craft something unique and exceptional.

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Fusion cuisine is cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions. Our Cuisine is mainly fusion of the below cuisines style that have been playing a part in innovations of our service since 2006.
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